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Community Embrace Day in Harlow

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Established as a grassroots and non-profit organisation, Community Embrace UK aims to promote diversity, advance cohesion, and encourage dialogues by connecting communities and bringing people of diverse backgrounds together through food and culture.

We provide a range of services and activities directly to directly benefit people in the community by tackling food poverty, reduce loneliness, encourage social inclusion, and support people’s mental health.
We are primarily staffed by a team of volunteers which makes are our services free, non-judgemental, non-political, and beneficial to everyone within the community who needs help.

We may not all be musicians, artists, dancers or craft makers, but each one of us has that spark, as unique to ourselves, that allows us to give something wonderful to each other..

Being it Friendship, Love or Respect, we all have a duty towards each other and by embracing the things that connect us brings us closer to a world of shared values

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