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We support the community in crisis. Become a sponsor.

We started out to tackle surplus food waste. Then there was the pandemic, and now, crazy inflation.

Since 2014, despite the struggle of moving from one crisis to another, Community Embrace UK has been creating a network of support, and a wave of goodwill.

By hosting regular meetings with our community, and working with a network of businesses, civic groups, and local organisations, we develop solutions and provide assistance to anyone in need.

With the support of our sponsors and funders, we provide thousands of people with essential supplies of food and personal products. And, our regular community events, Let’s Meet Community Forums and the World Food & Community Festival, bring hundreds of neighbours, friends, and supporters together – to share food, music, and friendship.

We invite you to become a sponsor for Community Embrace UK. It can be for one of our events, an outreach programme, or to cover the cost of printing material, we welcome the opportunity to brainstorm some ideas with you.

Be part of the wave of goodwill that is flowing through our community. Call us, 07800 839 033 and let’s chat.

Our centre of operations

Most of our activities take place at the Play Barn, in Staple Tye.

The Play Barn, Great Pardon Community Association,
Staple Tye, Harlow, CM18 6YJ

Saturday: 2:45 to 4pm
Sunday: 12.25 to 2pm