Donate your creativity

Help us tell our story

Starting as a way to help reduce food waste by collecting and distributing surplus food to friends and family, Community Embrace UK has evolved into an organisation helping thousands of families struggling since the lockdowns, and now through the cost-of-living crisis.

Our unique community-managed operating model has enabled Community Embrace UK to grow according to the needs of the community, and at a very rapid pace.

We would like to create videos and other media materials to tell our story, in the hope that it will

  1. help Community Embrace UK grow and expand the services it offers, and
  2. explain the operating model we have set up for this unique community project and help others across the country set up similar projects, to provide support in their communities.

We’re looking for some keen amateur, student or professional video production and photography creatives to help us document the journey of this exciting community-run project.

Can you help?

What we need

We need people with media production skills, particularly photography and videography, to help us put together a collection of materials for our site, social media channels and for distribution to interested media outlets.

Whether you can give us a few hours of your time for a one-off shoot, or would like to be involved over a longer period of time to help with all aspects of building this media library, we would love to hear from you.

Let’s work together

We already have some ideas we would like to pursue, and would welcome new team members to work with our creative volunteers to develop these. We are also very open to any ideas you might have, and we invite you to contact us to chat about how we can work together.

You will be credited for your contribution in all relevant projects, and you are, of course, welcome to use any of your collaborative projects in your own portfolio, or study project.

Get in touch today, and let’s chat about how you can help the wider community by helping tell the Community Embrace UK story.