Activity & Snack Packs for Kids

We started this project as a way to help parents deal with frustrated kids during the first lockdown in 2020.

We were already delivering thousands of grocery boxes to families struggling to get out to shop, and witnessed first-hand the stress parents were experiencing with children forced to stay indoors.

Today, we continue the service providing activity and snack packs to local children during the school holidays.

A small gesture and welcome distraction

Working with generous donors, suppliers and volunteers, we put together Activity & Snack Packs, for children during the school holidays.

It’s a small gesture, but the kids love it!

Excited to open their mystery bags and see what goodies are inside, the Activity & Snack Packs provide an unexpected surprise and welcome treat.

This service is a core service for members of The Pantry.

Simply apply to receive packs for the minors in your household.

If you would like to sponsor products in the Activity & Snack Packs, please contact us.