Surplus Food Disclaimer Notice

Our food distribution and community outreach programmes aim to help combat food waste and reduce food poverty by distributing surplus food to anyone who has an urgent need of food, but is unable to access or get what they need from the food banks.

We work in partnership with major UK superstores to rescue end-of-day produce and food which is classed as fit for human consumption, but may otherwise go to waste.

Surplus is collected on a daily basis and brought into a clean sorting facility, to be distributed through our outreach programmes.

Surplus foods may include those which may have damaged packaging while in transit to the store, is past its ‘best before’ date, or might have been over-ordered yet still perfectly consumable.

While we take every care in handling and transporting food items as well as only accept useable foods, we cannot always guarantee the quality or freshness of any foods.

By accepting the surplus food provided, it is your primary responsibility, and in your best interest, to ensure that you have thoroughly checked and read the packaging against any allergies, and discard food that does not meet your standard.

Please note that Community Embrace UK cannot be held liable for failing to adhere to the above.